Certificate in Orchestral Music

Learn more about the undergraduate certificate in Orchestral Music.

Undergraduate students interested in the Certificate in Orchestral Music must be in good standing and have completed at least 15 credits at Temple University by the initial requested semester of certificate coursework.

In addition to the online application and other requirements listed on the Certificates page, students must also submit a video recording (DVD) of one movement of a solo work from standard classical repertoire.

The Certificate in Orchestral Music will be acknowledged on the official transcript at the time of the awarding of the bachelor's degree provided that the student successfully completes the following courses with a grade of C- or better in each course:

MUST 3770Topics in Music Theory (take 2 times for 2 credits each)4
MUSC 3551Applied Lesson - Instrumental (take 2 times for 3 credits each)6
MUSC 4500Instrumental Ensemble (take 2 times for 1 credit each)2
MUSC 4520Ensemble (take 2 times for 1 credit each)2
Total Credit Hours14