Minor in Applied Epidemiology

The Applied Epidemiology minor provides students interested in science and health with an opportunity to enhance their skillset obtained from the undergraduate program in public health or related undergraduate programs. Specifically, the 18-credit minor will expand student's abilities in the application of epidemiologic methods, tools and frameworks focusing on evidence-based findings and best practices, which allows students to understand how to investigate, detect, and address population/community-level health issues. The minor consists of 6 undergraduate courses (2 required; 4 electives).

Students wishing to declare and pursue the Applied Epidemiology Minor should contact Laura Windisch (laura.windisch@temple.edu).


The requirements for the minor in Applied Epidemiology are:

Required Courses
EPBI 2219Biostatistics and Public Health3
EPBI 3101Introduction to Epidemiology3
Elective Courses
Choose four from the following:12
Public Health Beyond Borders
EPBI 2305
Epidemiology 360: Determinants, Disease and Health-related Outcomes
Applied Survey Methods
Introduction to Statistical Computing
EPBI 3209
Fundamentals of Geographic Information Systems
Census Analysis with GIS
GIS for Health Data Analysis
Environmental GIS
Total Credit Hours18