Temple University Harrisburg

Link Martin, M.S.W. 
Temple University Harrisburg
234 Strawberry Square
Harrisburg, PA 17101

Lynn Notestine, M.S.W.
Associate Director
Temple University Harrisburg
234 Strawberry Square
Harrisburg, PA 17101

Laura R. Dimino, Ph.D.
Assistant Director for Academic Programs

At Temple Harrisburg, you will find an active community of students improving their professional knowledge and skills. Temple Harrisburg is engaged in improving the central Pennsylvania community through academic degrees, certificate programs, and professional development programs.

The mission of Temple University Harrisburg (TUH) is to serve as the leading academic and professional development center in the areas of social work, education, public policy and public service in central Pennsylvania.

The campus location in the capital region allows the opportunity to share Temple's commitment to social justice, innovative research and community service with legislative, governmental decision makers and the public. TUH strives to support the university's role in the public discourse on social and policy issues through the provision of excellent graduate programs, professional development opportunities, public policy discussion and innovative research.

For further information regarding the programs highlighted below, please visit the Temple University Harrisburg web site at harrisburg.temple.edu.

Graduate Degree Programs

  • Master of Social Work (MSW)

Certificate Programs

  • Post Graduate Certificate in Play Therapy
  • Clinical Supervision
  • Strengths-based Leadership Certificate
  • Grant Writing Certificate Program
  • Certificate in Working with Veterans and Their Families

Non-Credit Programs/Professional Development

  • Credential for Strengths-based Family Workers
  • Network of Evaluation Services and Training (NEST)
  • Non Profit Management Training Program & Enhancing Communities Lunch Series
  • International Nonprofit Training and Leadership Training Program (INTL)
  • Institute on Protective Services
  • Certified Investigator Training Program
  • Institute on Adolescent Sexual Health
  • Teacher Professional Development
  • Personal Care Home Administrator Training
  • Medication Administration Training Program
  • Community Health Worker Training Program
  • Intensive English Language Program

Undergraduate Programs

Capital Semester

The Institute for Public Affairs sponsors an internship semester in association with Temple University Harrisburg. Students have the opportunity to gain experience in government affairs, policymaking and policy implementation first-hand at the State Capital.

The First Year Experience at Temple University Harrisburg

The First Year Experience at Temple University Harrisburg (FYTH) is designed to offer Temple General Education courses to full-time admitted students at the Harrisburg campus. The purpose of the program is to allow students from the Central Pennsylvania area the opportunity to live and work near home while completing their initial year as full time Temple students. The first year will prepare students with skills necessary to be successful at the undergraduate level. Staying small in Harrisburg will allow students to establish relationships and connections with other students and main campus staff prior to arriving. The program incorporates various social and co-curricular activities that would allow students to experience the main campus and ease their transition. The program is designed to optimize individual student success with a focus on four components both in and out of the classroom. Students in this program will:

  • Discover and apply their strengths
  • Find their place through meaningful personal connections
  • Develop the skills of leadership
  • Explore and achieve personal growth through service learning and community experiences.

Our program provides students all the resources needed for academic excellence, along with the faculty and staff committed to helping students use them. Students enroll in a full time schedule across two semesters. Our curriculum focuses on the General Education requirements all students need – no guesswork, no wasted credit hours. In addition, students enroll in seminars designed to achieve student learning goals. Course offerings are face-to-face, or hybrid, with opportunities for some students to take online courses in their majors. Scheduling often allows for students to complete coursework on 3 or 4 days per week.

Transfer Degree: Liberal Studies

Temple University Harrisburg is committed to building transfer programs to serve the needs of the Capital area community. Potential transfer students are encouraged to contact the Assistant Director for Academic Programs about opportunities. Transfer students may apply for the Liberal Studies program in Harrisburg with a focus on social sciences. The requirements are designed to be flexible and allow for a significant number of transfer credits. Students enroll in a combination of online, face-to-face or hybrid courses.


The Temple University Strawberry Square facility is 35,650 square feet located across from the capitol in an office/shopping complex and offers a wide range of classrooms, conference rooms and computer labs equipped with the latest technology for meeting, video conferencing and presentation needs.