Special Programs

Temple University offers credit-bearing certificate programs, non-credit programs, off-campus/corporate programs and programs with academic credit that are available for all students intending to study at Temple University without having to be enrolled in a degree program.

The academic policies and regulations generally apply to all students and provide a framework within which schools and colleges may specify further conditions or variations appropriate to students in their courses or programs. Statements of academic policies and regulations apply to both degree and non-degree undergraduates unless explicitly noted otherwise. In addition to the description below, please refer to the Responsibilities, Rights and Academic Policies sections of this Bulletin for further information on particular policies that relate to students in these programs.

Temple University provides a broad administrative framework to present and support a wide range of university offerings not falling within the province of typical undergraduate and graduate degree work on Temple campuses. Registration for credit-bearing courses is administered through the Office of Continuing Studies on the various campuses. Registration for non-credit courses is handled through the Office of Non-Credit and Continuing Education. Students taking non-credit courses at Temple University's Ambler and Center City campuses may register and pay online for non-credit courses through the Office of Non-Credit and Continuing Education web site. The online registration and payment system allows for easy registration and payment for non-credit courses anytime of the day or night through a secure network.

Course offerings under special programs respond to the differing needs of adults seeking additional education. Some offerings are of common interest to all, such as writing and general computer skills. Other courses, tailored for those adults who wish to change their work situation, focus on new skill and knowledge development. Coursework is also designed for adults who wish to maintain their current work position in a profession that requires re-certification to maintain appropriate licenses. Course offerings are also geared to those adults seeking personal enrichment as their primary goal.

The form of programming includes credit certificates, non-credit professional certificates, and non-credit personal enrichment courses. The courses are offered at Temple University Ambler, Temple University Center City, Temple University Harrisburg, and a variety of public and private off-campus sites through the auspices of Office of Off-Campus Programs and Training.

Information about the services offered at each campus is presented below.

Main Campus

The Main Campus Office of Continuing Studies is the university's central office for serving non-degree students. Non-degree students are those who have not been formally admitted to a degree program. The office serves a variety of students, including adults returning to school for undergraduate or graduate courses, professionals updating their skills, qualified students seeking undergraduate admission, students taking courses for personal enrichment, and visiting students planning to transfer Temple credits to their home institution. There is no formal application to enroll as a Continuing Studies student; however, first-time enrollers are required to provide documentation of education completed (high school transcript, GED certificate, college transcripts [minimum 2.00 GPA required], or college diploma). Prior to their enrollment, degree-seeking students may be required to take one or more university placement tests.

Services include:

  • individual academic advising
  • informal evaluation of academic transcripts
  • registration and schedule revisions
  • referrals to other university services and programs

First-year, non-degree students may register for a maximum of 11 credits per semester. Second-year, non-degree student registrations are based upon academic progress. However, non-degree seeking students are prohibited from registering via Self Service Banner (SSB) and must register through their Continuing Studies office. All non-degree students must maintain satisfactory academic progress in order to continue taking courses through Continuing Studies. Continuing Studies students must apply for admission by the completion of 30 s.h. Pre-admission counseling, academic advising, registration, and other support services are provided for non-degree students.

Refer to the Academic Policies section of this Bulletin for more information on non-degree students.


Temple University's Ambler campus offers extensive undergraduate, graduate, and non-credit courses and programs that are available during days, evenings, and weekends. The listing of all offerings is available at https://ambler.temple.edu/. Students interested in credit courses or programs should contact the Office of Academic Advising and Student Success at Ambler Campus by phone (267-468-8200) or go to the web site at https://ambler.temple.edu/campus-resources/advising-and-student-success. This office coordinates the services for students, as described under Main Campus above. For more information on non-credit offerings and registration, see Non-Credit Programs.

Center City

In addition to undergraduate and graduate-level programs and courses, Temple University Center City offers a rich selection of non-credit programs and classes. These include courses for your personal enrichment from Music Prep, courses leading to state licensure in the real estate field from the Real Estate Institute, lively classes on every conceivable subject for retirees provided by members of the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at Temple University (OLLI), and career development seminars and professional certificate programs which are administered through Temple University Ambler campus. For more information on non-credit programs, refer to Non-Credit Programs and/or visit https://centercity.temple.edu/.

Health Sciences Center (HSC)

The Lewis Katz School of Medicine (https://medicine.temple.edu/), the Maurice H. Kornberg School of Dentistry (https://dentistry.temple.edu/), the School of Pharmacy (https://pharmacy.temple.edu/), and the College of Public Health (https://cph.temple.edu/) sponsor continuing education activities for their graduates as well as for graduates of other institutions. Many programs meet the requirements of professional accrediting agencies to take refresher courses or seminars in order to keep abreast of changes in the field.