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About the Program

The Maurice H. Kornberg School of Dentistry at Temple University offers a four-year pre-doctoral program leading to the Doctor of Dental Medicine (DMD) degree.

Time Limit for Degree Completion: 4 years

Campus Location: Health Sciences Center

Full-Time/Part-Time Status: Full-time study is required.

Job Prospects: Graduates of the program are employed in a variety of diverse general dentistry settings.

Licensure/Certification: In order to become a practicing dentist, students must first obtain licensure. This process includes completing an educational program that is accredited by the Commission on Dental Accreditation (CODA). Students also need to complete Parts I and II of the National Board Dental Examination (NBDE) administered by the Joint Commission on National Dental Examinations. For most U.S. jurisdictions, the last component is that students complete a clinical licensure examination.

Each State Board of Dentistry sets its own requirements for the clinical examination, with regional testing agencies administering the examination process. At present, all but the following jurisdictions accept successful completion of the American Board of Dental Examiners (ADEX) dental examinations as administered by The Commission on Dental Competency Assessments (CDCA): Delaware and New York. Delaware has its own licensing exam, and New York requires students to complete a one-year clinical residency program.

Temple University Kornberg School of Dentistry is CODA-accredited and prepares students for the written and clinical examinations. Kornberg students must complete Parts I and II of the NBDE before graduation. Successful completion of a clinical examination is not required for graduation, although Kornberg does host the ADEX examination in its school facilities.

Non-Matriculated Student Policy: Coursework may not be taken on a non-matriculated basis.

Admission Requirements and Deadlines

Application Deadline:

Fall: January 15

APPLY ONLINE to this professional program.

Applicants for the Dentistry DMD must utilize the Associated American Dental Schools Application Service (AADSAS), which is a centralized application service for all U.S. dental schools sponsored by the American Dental Education Association (ADEA). The ADEA AADSAS application must be completed via the ADEA's website at

Additional information regarding the application process is found at In brief, applicants must have:

  • Completed a minimum of 90 semester hours at an accredited college or university.
  • Completed at least one year of college and all dental prerequisite courses in the United States or Canada if the student was educated at an institution outside the United States or Canada.
  • Completed a minimum of eight semester hours in each of the following subjects, all with laboratory experience: biology, general chemistry, organic chemistry and physics. It is also highly recommended that the student gained exposure to advanced science courses, particularly anatomy, biochemistry, histology and physiology.
  • Completed six semester hours in English.
  • Met the technical standards established for behavioral, cognitive, communication, motor and sensory/observation skills.

Letters of Reference:
Number Required: 2

From Whom: Letters of recommendation should be obtained from science professors or pre-health committee members.

Degree Required for Admission Consideration: Applicants should have completed a minimum of 90 semester hours from an accredited college or university. Students who have completed a baccalaureate degree are given preference in the admissions process.

Standardized Test Scores:
DAT: Required. Applications will not be reviewed without reported DAT scores. DAT scores more than two years old at the time of application will not be accepted. Proficiency in English must be demonstrated as determined through the interview, essays and Reading Comprehension score on the DAT.

Transcripts: Complete official transcripts for all undergraduate coursework must be submitted.

Interview: Applicants are invited to visit the Kornberg School of Dentistry for a formal interview. The visit involves meeting with current students in the program, touring the facility, reviewing financial aid and housing procedures, and engaging in an interview. The applicant is given an opportunity to learn more about Temple and to review the submitted application. The interview affords the Admissions Committee an opportunity to learn more about the applicant and to gauge motivation, approach to problems, and communication skills.

Acceptance: Decisions are made starting December 1. Admission is rolling after that date. Upon acceptance, a non-refundable deposit is required to hold a seat in the class.

Program Requirements

General Program Requirements:
Number of Credits Required: 219

Required Courses:

Year 1
FallCredit Hours
DENT D100Biochemistry4
DENT D101General and Oral Histology6
DENT D120The Practice and Profession of Dentistry2
DENT D150Dental Materials I1
DENT D162Restorative Dentistry I - Lecture2
DENT D163Restorative Dentistry I - Lab2
 Term Credit Hours17
DENT D139DPH I: Cariology, EBD and Principles of Prevention1
DENT D202Gross Anatomy6
DENT D203Neuroanatomy2
DENT D262Restorative Dentistry II Lecture4
DENT D263Restorative Dentistry II Lab4
 Term Credit Hours17
DENT D108Science in Dental Practice I1
DENT D200Inflammation, Infection and Wound Healing3
DENT D204The Nervous System and Pain3
DENT D210Postnatal Craniofacial Growth and Cephalometrics2
DENT D211Behavioral Science I1
 Term Credit Hours10
Year 2
DENT D300Human Systems and Disease I5
DENT D301Human Systems and Disease II5
DENT D339Oral Surgery I1
DENT D360Restorative Dentistry III Lecture4
DENT D361Restorative Dentistry III Lab4
DENT D373Principles of Periodontology I2
 Term Credit Hours21
DENT D402DPH II - Health Promotion in Populations1
DENT D408Oral Pathology I3
DENT D420Intro Clinical Dentistry2
DENT D442Pre-Clinical Radiography2
DENT D456Restorative Dentistry IV Lecture3
DENT D457Restorative Dentistry IV Lab3
DENT D465Oral Radiology1
DENT D466Pediatric Dentistry Lecture and Laboratory3
DENT D473Principles of Periodontology II2
DENT D478Local Anesthesia and Pain Control1
 Term Credit Hours21
DENT D401Dental Ethics and Jurisprudence1
DENT D403Advanced Restorative Dentistry Lecture and Lab3
DENT D421Treatment Planning1
DENT D422Medical Emergencies1
DENT D452Endodontology Lecture2
DENT D453Endodontology Laboratory1
DENT D589Jr. Summer Clinic I9
DENT D599Jr. Summer Clinic II6
 Term Credit Hours24
Year 3
DENT D506Oral Pathology II3
DENT D510Basic Interdisciplinary Implant2
DENT D552Endodontology1
DENT D553Restorative Dentistry V2
DENT D567Oral Radiology1
DENT D568Oral Surgery1
DENT D573Periodontal Therapy and Treatment Planning1
DENT D591Jr. Practice of Dentistry7
 Term Credit Hours18
DENT D505Medicine1
DENT D608Radiology1
DENT D610Adv Interdis Implant1
DENT D637Practice Management I1
DENT D662Restorative Dentistry VI1
DENT D666Pediatric Dentistry1
DENT D668Oral Surgery1
DENT D671Ortho Consideration in General Dental Practice1
DENT D674Admissions Clinic I1
DENT D675Emergency/Oral Surg. Cl.2
DENT D676Radiology Clinic I1
DENT D691Orthodontics-Clinic1
DENT D692Endodontology-Clinic2
DENT D693Periodontology Clinic2
DENT D696Pediatric Dent-Clinic2
DENT D697Restor Dent Clinic Jr6
 Term Credit Hours25
DENT D600Senior Summer Clinic12
DENT D611Practice Management II1
DENT D644Dentistry for Patients with Special Needs1
DENT D660Behavioral Science II1
DENT D700Summer Clinic II6
 Term Credit Hours21
Year 4
DENT D790Sr. Pract of Dentistry12
 Term Credit Hours12
DENT D801Science in Dental Practice II2
DENT D808Comprehensive Care1
DENT D809Practice Management III1
DENT D810DPH III: Community Health Engagement2
DENT D874Admissions Clinic II1
DENT D875Emergency/Oral Surg. Cl.3
DENT D876Radiology Clinic II2
DENT D892Endodontology-Clinic3
DENT D893Periodontology-Clinic3
DENT D896Pediatric Dent-Clinic3
DENT D897Restor Dent Clinic Sr12
 Term Credit Hours33
 Total Credit Hours: 219


Submission Address for Application Materials:

Associated American Dental Schools Application Service (AADSAS) Contacts:


Department Contacts:


Kornberg School of Dentistry Office of Admissions

3223 N. Broad Street (600-00), Philadelphia, PA 19140