Grades and Grading

Semester Grades

The work of all undergraduate students is graded and reported at the end of each semester. Students may access their semester grades on Self Service Banner within 48 hours of the end of the examination period for that semester.

Three systems are in use for grading and reporting students' work:

Letter Grades and Points   

A4.00 Excellent
B3.00 Good
C2.00 Fair
D-.67 Passing
F.00 Failed

Note: Although D- is a passing grade, a minimum grade of C- is required in General Education courses and, in many programs, courses required by the major.

Credit/No Credit

CREquivalent to A, A–, B+, B, B–, C+, C, C‐, D+, D or D–
NCEquivalent to F

Note: In the Credit/No Credit system, no grade points are assigned, but a limited number of credits in courses in which students earn the CR designation counts toward the total credit hours completed. See Credit/No Credit Courses.

Other Transcript Notations  

ICIncomplete in a Credit/No Credit course
IPIncomplete pass/fail course
MMilitary Leave of Absence
MGGrade temporarily missing
NRGrade not reported
PPassed grade
PIPermanent incomplete
WWithdrawal from course
WEWithdrawal with approved excuse
WSWithdrawal from the semester (historical)

For more information, see the policies on Audit, Credit/No Credit Courses, Incomplete Coursework, and Withdrawal Policies in this Bulletin.