Credit/No Credit Courses

Eligible students may want to take a course in an area in which they are not proficient or about which they are curious, while not risking their grade point average. Such students, with certain provisions, may be graded using the Credit/No Credit (CR/NC) grading option.

Students may select the CR/NC grading option or return to the traditional grading option only during the first two weeks of a fall or spring semester course and during the first three days of a first or second summer session course, with the written authorization of their advisor and dean.

Eligibility is limited to:

  • matriculated, full-time students
  • those in academic good standing
  • juniors or seniors (60 or more semester hours)
  • transfer students who are retaking a course at Temple for which they have already received transfer credit.1

If the transfer student earns an NC in the Temple course, the transfer course would then satisfy the requirement according to the School/College transfer rules. Transfer students are limited to a maximum of four CR/NC courses with a limit of one instance per semester.

Courses are restricted to:

  • any non-General Education course
  • one CR/NC course per semester
  • maximum of four CR/NC courses toward the degree

No grade points are assigned to either the CR or NC grade. CR is equivalent to grades of D- or higher. NC is equivalent to F. The semester hours earned are credited toward the total required for graduation. Because CR and NC yield no grade points, they are not included in divisor hours for calculating the grade point average. CR and NC are not included in calculating cumulative credits for determining academic actions specified in the Undergraduate Policy on Academic Standing.