B.F.A. Foundation Program

Nichola Kinch, Chair
Tyler School of Art Building
Administrative Suite Room 210R

Students pursuing the B.F.A. degree at Tyler (including those who seek the Art Education Concentration) begin with a common freshman experience, the Foundation Year. During this year, students are enrolled in studio courses in Drawing, 2-D and 3-D Principles as well as two Foundation seminar courses. The Foundation Program Department is highly structured and intensive. It forms the fundamental basis for studio practice, critical thinking, and understanding and implementation of principles of visual expression. The program emphasizes creative and critical thinking, problem solving, visual thinking, perception and observation through the use of visual vocabulary, theory, media, and techniques of artistic practice. The Foundation faculty is comprised of artists from all the fields represented in the school's majors, providing freshmen with a broad perspective and diverse points of view from which to build their experience as artists.

B.F.A. Foundation Year Requirements

Year 1
FallCredit Hours
FDPR 1501Introduction to Art and Design1
FDPR 1511Foundation Drawing3
FDPR 15212D Foundation Principles3
FDPR 15313D Foundation Principles/W3
ARTH 1155 or 1955Arts of the World I: Prehistoric to 13003
ENG 0802, 0812, or 0902Analytical Reading and Writing [GW]14
 Term Credit Hours17
FDPR 1502Investigations of Art and Design1
FDPR 1512Foundation Drawing3
FDPR 15222D Foundation Principles3
FDPR 15323D Foundation Principles/C3
ARTH 1156 or 1956Arts of the World II: 1300 to the 21st Century3
IH 0851 or 0951Intellectual Heritage I: The Good Life [GY]13
 Term Credit Hours16
 Total Credit Hours: 33