TUteach Programs

The Bachelor of Science (B.S.) with Teaching programs are part of Temple's innovative secondary education teacher-training program, "TUteach." The B.S. with Teaching provides broad training in the chosen discipline, and prepares students for a career in secondary school teaching. Students who complete the B.S. with Teaching meet Pennsylvania teacher certification requirements via theoretical and practical courses in education specifically designed for science and mathematics majors. The education courses in the B.S. with Teaching degree program include practice teaching in school district classrooms and emphasize inquiry-based approaches to learning.

Eight Bachelor of Science programs enable students to prepare for secondary education certification while mastering the content of their field. The programs are:

  • Biology with Teaching
  • Chemistry with Teaching
  • Earth and Space Science with Teaching
  • General Science with Teaching
  • Mathematics with Teaching
  • Mathematics and Computer Science with Teaching
  • Mathematics and Technology with Teaching
  • Physics with Teaching

The programs require that students complete the collegial Bachelor of Science requirements and a total of 124 credits.

Undergraduate Contact Information:

Dr. Susan Varnum, Program Director
Professor of Chemistry
Associate Dean for Science Education​
College of Science and Technology​
629 Gladfelter Hall
215-204-6390 or 215-204-4073

Ms. Kathleen McKinley, Master Teacher/Faculty Advisor
College of Science and Technology
400 Carnell Hall

Mr. George Mehler, Master Teacher/Faculty Advisor
College of Science and Technology
628 Gladfelter Hall

Mr. Kenneth Ruff, TUteach Advisor
College of Science and Technology
656 Gladfelter Hall