Geology, Minor

The Minor in Geology is designed for students who are interested in acquiring basic knowledge in geology but not wishing to major in the subject. 

Undergraduate Contact Information:

Dr. Nicholas Davatzes, Chair
Beury Hall, Room 307

Dr. Allison Tumarkin-Deratzian, Vice Chair and Faculty Advisor
Beury Hall, Room 308

Dr. Ilya Buynevich, Faculty Advisor, Geology
Beury Hall, Room 313

Students interested in acquiring a basic knowledge of Geology but not wishing to major in Geology may pursue a minor in Geology by successfully completing the following courses:

EES 2001Physical Geology4
Select one of the following:4
Introduction to Chemistry I
and Introduction to Chemistry Laboratory I (F)
General Chemistry I
and General Chemistry Laboratory I
Honors General Chemical Science I
and Honors Chemical Science Laboratory I (F)
Introduction to General Physics I
Elementary Classical Physics I
Honors Elementary Classical Physics I (F)
General Physics I
Honors General Physics I (F)
Select one of the following:4
Calculus I (or higher)
Honors Calculus I (F)
Four 3 to 4 credit Earth & Environmental Science electives numbered above 2001, with a minimum of 14 credits, chosen with the approval of the undergraduate Earth & Environmental Science advisor.14
Total Credit Hours26
(F) - Fall only course

Residency Requirements: At least 4 courses required for the minor must be completed at Temple. At least 3 Earth & Environmental Science courses must be completed at Temple.