The +1 Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics and Master of Science in Mathematics program is an accelerated program within the College of Science and Technology. To participate in this +1 program, a mathematics major should be enrolled in the BA program. Application to continue in the MS program must be made to the graduate chair of the department no later than the first semester of the senior year. To be accepted by the MS program, a student must have a GPA of at least 3.25 in Mathematics courses when the application is made. Students must complete MATH 3141, MATH 3142 and MATH 4051 in place of MATH 3137 and MATH 3138, and MATH 3098 in place of MATH 3096 in order to be considered for admission to the Master's program. In addition to completing the BA requirements, the student must complete four additional graduate-level mathematics courses numbered 5000 and above by the end of her/his senior year. If the General Education and college requirements have also been met, the student will be awarded the BA degree at the conclusion of this portion of the program. All courses must be passed with a grade of C- or better, and no more than two graduate courses can carry a grade less than B- for the student to continue with the MS portion of the program.

+1 Year Course Requirements

The student will take a total of six graduate-level courses, selected to conform to the MS requirements. At the end of the +1 year, the student must either write a master's thesis or pass one of the following examinations:

  • Master's Comprehensive Examination in Pure Mathematics

  • Master's Comprehensive Examination in Applied Mathematics

  • PhD Combined Comprehensive Examination (MS level pass)

For more information, see the following program pages: Mathematics BA and Mathematics MS.

​Undergraduate Contact Information

Brian Rider, Chair
Wachman Hall, Room 638

Maria Lorenz, Vice Chair
Wachman Hall, Room 610

Boris Datskovsky, Director of Undergraduate Studies
Wachman Hall, Room 632

Graduate Contact Information

David Futer, Director of Graduate Studies
Wachman Hall, Room 1026