Chemistry, B.S./M.S.

The +1 Bachelor of Science and Master of Science in Chemistry is an accelerated program within the College of Science and Technology. This program allows a talented student to obtain a master's degree in one additional year after completion of a bachelor's degree. A chemistry major may apply for the program prior to the junior or senior year. Interested students should contact their advisor for details about the application process and required approvals. For more information, see the following program pages: Chemistry B.S. and Chemistry M.S.

‚ÄčUndergraduate Contact Information:

Dr. Ann M. Valentine, Chair
Beury Hall, Room 130

Dr. Vince Voelz, Vice Chair
Beury Hall, Room 240

Dr. Graham Dobereiner, Faculty Advisor
Buery Hall, Room 342

Dr. Steven Fleming, Faculty Advisor
Beury Hall, Room 344

Dr. Roy Keyer, Faculty Advisor
Beury Hall, Room 440

Dr. Vladi Wilent, Faculty Advisor
Beury Hall, Room 440

Graduate Contact Information:

Dr. Rod Andrade, Graduate Program Chair
Beury Hall, Room 452