Communication Studies

Scott Gratson, Ph.D., Program Director
9C Annenberg Hall

Communication Studies is a studies-based interdisciplinary major. It features the academic (aesthetic, analytical, critical, historical, theoretical) and interdisciplinary study of communication as represented by the departments included within the Klein College of Media and Communication.

Designed to ensure flexibility and choice, Communication Studies allows students a chance to fully investigate multiple fields in the communications discipline. Emphasis is placed on providing an overview of Communication while also accentuating personal academic growth. Personal choice and options allow students a chance to complete the degree in a timely manner.

In this interdisciplinary program, Communication Studies students will select one of the following tracks as a distinctive area of investigation:

  • Communication and Entrepreneurship
  • Contemporary Media Environments
  • Global Civil Society
  • Policy, Regulation and Advocacy
  • Production (for Temple Japan students only)

A Major of Distinction track is also available for advanced scholars.

The flexibility of the Communication Studies program offers students access to the field experiences, internships, and study away experiences vital to a comprehensive education. Students with a number of skill sets and academic interest areas are often drawn to this innovative program and graduates are poised for a number of professional and academic possibilities, such as graduate, law, or professional school. Graduates of this program will be well-suited to pursue a variety of positions across numerous aspects of the communications field.

Students receive cross-curricular expertise through foundation and core courses. Academic rigor and student choice are at the very core of the program. Choices allow a student flexibility and curricular oversight ensures a solid, academically robust education. Courses are designed to allow student progress to be monitored at yearly intervals. Experiential learning is promoted, particularly during the junior and senior years. Cross cultural exchanges and experiences are integral aspects of the program's design. Advanced scholars have a distinct and individualized track.