Spanish & Portuguese

4th Floor, Mazur Hall

Montserrat Piera, Department Chair
427 Mazur Hall

Augusto Lorenzino
Director of Undergraduate Studies
Coordinator for Spanish and Portuguese Majors/Minors
416 Mazur Hall

Joshua M. Pongan, Language Program Director
(Certificates, Lower Division Courses)
435 Mazur Hall

Michelle Xu, Administrator
429 Mazur Hall

Annette Vega, Coordinator
428 Mazur Hall

The Department of Spanish and Portuguese prepares students to engage with diverse communities both at home and abroad through the development of language skills and intercultural competencies. The department provides instruction in the languages, cultures, and literatures of Spain, Latin America, and the Luso-Brazilian world as well as professional courses in business, criminal justice, law, and healthcare. Coursework at the undergraduate level in Spanish, Portuguese, or Catalan develops proficiency in the four basic skills: speaking, listening, reading, and writing. Opportunities are also available for the in-depth study of Hispanic and Luso-Brazilian culture. Students may participate in special programs, such as an intensive Spanish-language immersion program in Latin American Studies; community engagement and internships in areas of healthcare, social service, government and education in Philadelphia; and diverse programs abroad.

Spanish and Portuguese organizations and activities include Sigma Delta Pi, the National Hispanic Honor Society, the scholarly publications of the Society of Spanish and Spanish-American Studies and the Spanish and Portuguese Clubs and Film Series.

Graduates of the Department of Spanish and Portuguese find careers in a wide range of areas, including public health, education, business, government, and social services.

Students selecting the Spanish major must achieve competence in Spanish language skills in conjunction with qualifications outlined in one of three major options:

  • Language, Literature, and/or Linguistics
  • Language and Professional Studies
  • Spanish for Education

Distinction in Major is awarded to Spanish majors in any of the three options who graduate with a 3.75 GPA in Spanish courses and a cumulative GPA of at least 3.25.

Internships and Community Engagement

The internship experience provides students the opportunity to learn more about the discipline and potential career paths through a workplace experience. Students may earn up to 3 credits towards the requirements of the major through enrollment in the internship course (SPAN 4885) and an internship placement. Interested students should contact Dr. Joshua Pongan for more information.

Accelerated Degree BA/MA in Spanish (4+1 Program)

A 4+1 BA/MA in Spanish is designed for students who wish to graduate with both an undergraduate and a graduate degree in just 5 years. The program is suitable for highly accomplished Spanish majors who have excelled in their studies during the first 3 years at the Department of Spanish and Portuguese, and who see the benefits of adding a master's degree to their academic credentials. Undergraduate students interested in the 4+1 Accelerated BA/MA degree program in Spanish must declare their intent and apply to the program during their junior or fourth year. Students admitted to this program begin taking graduate courses, along with their undergraduate curriculum, in their last three undergraduate semesters. After completing their Bachelor of Arts degree, they then complete the remaining requirements of a Master of Arts in Spanish in the fifth year. Eligible students will have a GPA of 3.5 or higher in Spanish and at least a 3.25 overall GPA. For more information, contact Dr. Victor Pueyo.

Study Abroad Opportunities

Latin American Studies Semester Program

Each spring semester, the Spanish and Portuguese Department offers a 17-credit immersion program in Latin American Studies and Spanish (LASS). The LASS program combines 9 hours of intensive Spanish with 8 hours of study focusing on geography, history, culture in Latin America and Latinos in the United States in addition to a short-term study trip to a Spanish-speaking country. Successful completion of the program is awarded with a certificate of participation. The rolling admissions application process is open from April to November for the following spring. For more information, contact the Program Director Dr. Montserrat Piera or visit the the program's web site.

Spring in Spain Program

The Temple Semester in Spain Program takes place during spring semester in Oviedo, Spain. The 15-credit program combines coursework with faculty from the International Program at the University of Oviedo and with a Temple faculty member who directs the program. All courses are pre-approved for Temple University credit. Courses focus on aspects of Spanish language, culture, and literature. The program develops Spanish skills over a semester of intensive study in a Spanish-speaking environment; it also provides the opportunity to complete a number of Spanish courses that may be used to satisfy the requirements for the Temple major or minor in Spanish. The program begins with an initial orientation week in Madrid prior to the start of the semester. In Oviedo, lodging and meals are with Spanish families. For further information, contact the program director Dr. Jaime Duran in the Department of Spanish and Portuguese or the Office of Education Abroad and overseas Campuses.

Summer Abroad in Spain: Spanish Language and Culture

Temple University's summer program in Oviedo, Spain, provides students with the opportunity to learn the Spanish language while being immersed in that country's unique and diverse culture. The duration of the program is five weeks; students may enroll for a total of 6 credits. For further information, contact the program director Dr. Jaime Duran in the Department of Spanish and Portuguese or the Office of Education Abroad and overseas Campuses.