Department of Sociology
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Dustin Kidd, Chair
709 Gladfelter Hall

Matt Wray, Undergraduate Chair
751 Gladfelter Hall

Jessica Brennan, Administrator
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Catherine Staples, Coordinator
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Sociology is the study of human behavior in the context of the groups, organizations, institutions, and societies in which it occurs. The sociology department offers courses covering a wide range of topics, including: contemporary social issues, race and racism, sexuality and gender, health and health care, education, urban life, housing, organizations, family, political life, popular culture, immigration, law, international development and globalization. The sociological perspective pays close attention to diversity in culture, values, and human experience.

4+1 Programs in Sociology

Sociology majors may opt to do a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology (or Sociology-Health Track) and apply to earn an accelerated master's degree. Sociology has three programs:

For more information on other master's programs that accept students from any major in CLA, see Accelerated Degree Programs.

Careers Related to Sociology

Majoring in sociology prepares students for many careers and graduate programs by providing both a broad sociological perspective and specific research, statistical and analytic skills. Students gain experience in fieldwork and interviewing; they develop, administer and analyze surveys and statistics; and they write research reports. Sociology provides an excellent background for students planning to begin their careers upon graduation as well as those planning to pursue graduate education. Recent graduates have gone to work and graduate school in the areas of law, medicine, business, non-profits, community planning, social work, market research, and education. Students who are interested in a career in the health field can pursue a special sociology major focused on health-related coursework. The Health Track in Sociology prepares students for graduate studies in leading medical, dental, nursing, public health, and physical and occupational therapy programs as well as graduate programs in sociology and related fields.

Student Organizations and Opportunities

Sociology majors and minors are encouraged to participate in the Sociology Undergraduate Majors and Minors Association (SUMMA), which hosts academic, community service, and social events throughout the year. The department sponsors an annual student research conference where students can present their work.


Awards available to sociology majors include the Robert K. Merton Award, the Sociology Prize, the Benjamin and Irma Robboy Award, and the Nelsi Beato Award.