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Dr. Terry Rey, Department Chair
629 Mazur Hall

Elizabeth Hayes Alvarez, Associate Professor, Undergraduate Chair and Faculty Advisor
646 Mazur Hall

Religion is a pervasive, powerful, multifaceted, and enduring dimension of human experience. Religions have shaped complex cultures and countless individual lives. Religions are influential in the world today and will continue to be so in the future.

The academic study of religion is multidisciplinary, drawing upon approaches from history, literary studies, philosophy, and the social sciences. It is multicultural, exploring the beliefs, practices, and development of particular religious communities in many different cultures. The Religion Department provides a wide array of courses introducing students to the major religions of the world, with an emphasis upon the comparison of traditions and their encounter with one another. Instruction is offered in African and African American religions, Buddhism, Christianity, Confucianism, Hinduism, Judaism, and Daoism.

The major in Religion is very flexible by design; it easily accommodates study abroad plans, internship opportunities, or a second major or minor in a related discipline. Consult your academic advisor to develop a plan of study that meets your professional goals.

Career Preparation

Students who major in Religion develop a useful skill set that is in demand in a number of professions. Cultural sensitivity, analytical thinking, and excellent writing and verbal communications are the necessary training for careers related to public service, diplomacy, journalism, counseling, research, social work, health and human services, conflict resolution, and government. Some students go on to further study in doctoral programs, law school, medical school, or prepare for the ministry.