Liberal Studies

8th Floor, Mazur Hall

Michael D. Szekely, Program Director
818 Mazur Hall

Keith Gumery, Director of Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies Online Program

LaTasha Goodman, Administrator
1041 Mazur Hall

The College of Liberal Arts offers a general degree in Liberal Studies for students who are not able to select a single discipline that would meet their professional goals and interests. This major program offers two tracks: Humanities and Social Sciences. The major in Liberal Studies is essentially self-designed, other than some common writing intensive coursework and a course that emphasizes critical thinking. It is purposely flexible so students can develop a program of study that will help them achieve a specific personal or professional goal that might be unrelated to a traditional discipline.

The Liberal Studies major was designed to meet the unique needs of working adults who may have delayed college or who are returning after a long absence from school. Courses are offered year-round at Main Campus, Ambler Campus, Online, and at Temple Center City. Students may combine locations as their schedule dictates.

Online-Only Program of Study

New non-traditional, transfer students will be able to take their entire degree program online. Required courses for the major will be offered online in the fall and spring semesters, and a variety of other courses to fulfill elective requirements will also be available via online instruction. For more information contact Dr. Keith Gumery at