Latin American Studies

Adam J. Shellhorse
Director and Faculty Advisor
440 Mazur Hall

Michelle Xu, Administrator
429 Mazur Hall

Annette Vega, Coordinator
428 Mazur Hall

Latin American Studies (LAS) offers an interdisciplinary approach to learning about the politics, economics, cultures, and societies of Latin America and the Caribbean. LAS uses this region as a framework for exploring thematic issues in such disciplines as anthropology, art, history, political science, Spanish and Portuguese, and communication studies. Courses are offered in departments from every school and college, and our affiliated faculty research diverse topics from development economics to immigrant healthcare, from Latin American music to colonial literature. Our students become true experts who can speak to a wide range of issues confronting Latin America; experts who can contribute proactively to development and cooperation, as well as to business and political analysis in a way that their peers with a more traditional disciplinary focus cannot.

Latin American Studies Semester Certificate and Program (LASS)

Each spring semester, the Spanish and Portuguese Department offers a 17-credit immersion program in Latin American Studies and Spanish (LASS). The program combines 9 credit hours of intensive Spanish language with 8 credit hours of study focusing on geography, history, and culture in Latin America and a 21-day trip to a Spanish-speaking country.

Successful completion of the program is awarded with a certificate of participation and a waiver of the General Education World Society requirement.

Applications for LASS are received between April and November for the following spring. For information, please visit the program's web site or contact Dr. Montserrat Piera (215-204-8285).