Dr. Petra Goedde, Chairperson
922 Gladfelter Hall

Dr. Ralph Young, Faculty Advisor
951 Gladfelter Hall

TJ Cusack, Administrator
910 Gladfelter Hall

Vangeline Campbell, Coordinator
911 Gladfelter Hall

Using rigorous standards of evidence, historians tell meaningful stories about the past. In depth historical study gives students important tools for understanding contemporary issues affecting their own lives as well as local, national, and global events.

History students develop skills useful for any career that requires high-level critical thinking, wide-ranging analytical skills, and great writing. Our students learn to master large amounts of information, conduct in-depth research, contextualize evidence from a variety of sources, and craft powerful written and oral arguments. These strengths are a foundation not only for successful careers but for lifelong learning and civic engagement.

Internationally Recognized Faculty

Our faculty members are both world-renowned scholars and award-winning teachers.

Exciting Coursework

Our majors take rigorous courses in subjects such as Dissent in America, The History of Nazi Germany, the History of Philadelphia, Immigration and the American Dream, and Cold War Africa. We have faculty experts in urban history, African history, Asian history, military history, gender history, diplomacy, imperialism, the environment, and many other fields.

The Department of History offers an Honors Program for majors with outstanding academic records. Qualified majors are invited to join Phi Alpha Theta, the History honor society. Both minors and majors participate in the Temple Undergraduate History and Social Sciences Association (TUHSSA). Special Programs allow undergraduates to major in History and earn teaching certification, or to major in History and earn a master's in Education in one year after receiving the undergraduate History degree (program administered through the College of Education and Human Development).

The Cradle of American History and Its Global Connections

Our home, Philadelphia, is a terrific place to study history—not only of the city and its remarkable past, but of the world as well. Our courses take advantage of Philly's exciting past and our major allows students to take advantage of the many study abroad options available at Temple.

Next Stops

Our students have interned at organizations like the American Philosophical Society, the Constitution Center, the Historical Society of Pennsylvania, and the McNeil Center for Early American Studies. Philadelphia's rich museum heritage provides abundant opportunities for students to pursue their interests.

Graduates have gone on to successful careers, including:

  • Educator
  • Lawyer
  • Film-maker
  • Military officer
  • Database administrator
  • Public health professional
  • Diplomat
  • Public policy expert
  • Museum curator
  • Historian

Associated Research Centers:

  • Center for Public History
  • Center for the Study of Force and Diplomacy
  • Feinstein Center for American Jewish History