Global Studies

Sanjoy Chakravorty, Program Director 
662 Gladfelter Hall

Danielle Scherer, Assistant Director and Faculty Advisor
663 Gladfelter Hall

Jessica Brennan, Administrator
208 Gladfelter Hall

Now, more than ever, global knowledge, language abilities, and international experience are crucial for students preparing to enter a global workforce. The Global Studies major and minor prepare students for just that by combining bedrock instruction in multiple disciplines with foreign language instruction, regional enrichment, and specialization in one of three thematic tracks: global security, global economy, or global cultures. The Global Studies major and minor go beyond work done in other majors by exposing students to interdisciplinary perspectives on the world. Students gain advanced knowledge about international cultures and perspectives as well as essential skills like critical thinking and effective communication that are prized by every professional industry.

A bachelor's degree in Global Studies prepares students to:

  • Understand complex global problems using tools from multiple disciplines, including economic analysis, social science and historical methods.
  • Communicate ideas about global issues effectively, through written work, oral expression and digital communication tools.
  • Look beyond local and national boundaries to see themselves as part of a global network, the sustainability of which requires ethical and moral forthrightness.
  • Experience other cultures, by studying a world language and participating in a regional enrichment experience such as study abroad.
  • Thrive professionally in a variety of careers in an increasingly global marketplace.


Students with a degree in Global Studies thrive in a variety of industries, including local and national government, advocacy, policy development, the business sector and diplomacy. Foreign language proficiency and study abroad experience will also make Global Studies graduates attractive job candidates in a variety of industries, including business, civil service, government, education, law, trade, and policy.