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Michelle Xu, Administrator
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German is a major world language spoken in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, as well as in some communities in the United States. Whether you are interested in literature, music, theater, film, or art, German culture is a rich and exciting tradition. Temple's German program provides broad linguistic, cultural, and practical experiences to prepare students to participate meaningfully in the German-speaking world.

The German program offers two different programs of study: a traditional German Language and Cultural Studies major (and minor) and a new Interdisciplinary German Studies major (and minor). The traditional major focuses on the acquisition of German language and develops that skill through courses taught completely in German from the intermediate level onward. The Interdisciplinary German Studies program includes introductory and intermediate level German, but allows up to two electives on German culture and history to be taken outside the German Department (allowing for the language of instruction to be English). This allows students more flexibility in course selection and although language acquisition is important, the study of German culture is emphasized. Either program of study will help students achieve their learning goals, whether they want to go on to use German to communicate with friends in Germany, Austria, or Switzerland; to engage in business with German partners; to work in government or in the media; or to participate in German culture. They develop skills in reading, writing, and oral communication while acquiring a rich understanding of the literature, cinema, history and culture of the German-speaking world.

Students who study German at Temple find that the program prepares them to do well in whatever they choose upon graduation; the German major is a good preparation for a career that requires analytical thinking and communication skills in general, which includes the domains of education, business, government service, travel, and tourism. It is a good major or second major for students planning to attend law school or medical school. Studies have shown that learning a foreign language helps raise scores on the LSAT, GRE, and MCAT examinations. This course of study also proves valuable to anyone who plans to work for a multinational corporation.

The German courses are often small, allowing students to get to know one another and their professors well. The program helps prepare students enrolled in the Fox School of Business and Management to acquire a special language certificate including a special course on German in the business world. Outside of class, students can share conversations and activities informally or with the Temple University German Society.

Study Abroad

Students declaring a major or minor in the department are strongly encouraged to study abroad. Temple University has programs at the universities of Hamburg, Tübingen, and Leipzig in Germany. Courses completed in these programs may be credited toward the German major or minor and in partial satisfaction of the CLA Global Studies requirement.

Students interested in Study Abroad should discuss their plans with the faculty advisor in German early in their academic program.