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Robin Mitchell-Boyask, Department Chairperson
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Eleanor Mulhern, Undergraduate Advisor
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Michelle Xu, Administrator
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Students in the Department of Greek and Roman Classics study the cultures and languages of two major civilizations of the ancient Mediterranean world. Classics is an interdisciplinary field of study which encompasses major disciplines of the liberal arts: languages, history, literature, art, and philosophy. Students select from two different major concentration options: either Classical Languages & Literature or Classical Civilization, depending on their interests and goals.

Career Preparation

Classics offers a sound liberal arts background that prepares students for any career. Classics majors have held senior positions in government, law, and public service organizations, have founded and headed companies and organizations, and have worked as correspondents and journalists. Recent Temple Classics majors have gone on to law school, veterinary school, graduate school, and business and teaching careers. To help prepare for careers, the Greek and Roman Classics Department offers funding for internships that provide no remuneration.

Study Abroad

Classics Majors and Minors are encouraged to study a semester at Temple's Rome Campus. Majors are eligible to apply for funding for summer study in the Mediterranean through the Rudolph Masciantonio Traveling Summer Scholarship.

Undergraduate Association

The organization for majors and minors is the Temple Classics Club, and there is a chapter of the national honorary society for Classics, Eta Sigma Phi, on campus.

4+1 B.A./M.Ed. Accelerated Program for High School Latin Teachers (with the College of Education and Human Development)

The accelerated +1 program offers Classical Languages and Literature undergraduate majors in the College of Liberal Arts the exciting opportunity to complete their undergraduate degree and a Master of Education in Secondary Education with one year of study beyond the B.A. Students take several graduate level courses while still an undergraduate student. The M.Ed. meets the Pennsylvania Department of Education's program requirements for Teacher Certification as a Latin teacher. See the College of Education and Human Development for more details.