Minor in Anthropology: Human Biology

Students considering medical school or study in other health professions might find the minor in Anthropology: Human Biology of particular interest given the recent shifts in the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) to evaluate the social and cultural competence of applicants. All students receive a foundation in Biological Anthropology and Medical Anthropology and select electives according to their interests and professional goals.


ANTH 2705Fundamentals of Biological Anthropology4
ANTH 2332Medical Anthropology3
Select four of the following:12-13
Human Population Genetics
Human Osteology
Human Paleontology
Human Biology of Modern Populations
Human Evolutionary Genetics
Human Reproduction: Evolutionary Perspectives
Human Growth and Development
Evolutionary Medicine
Environmental Physiology and Health
Total Credit Hours19-20

Minors are awarded only at the time of completion of the bachelor's degree and cannot be awarded either as a stand-alone program of study or after completion of the first bachelor's degree.