International Business

John A. McClendon, Chair
Alter Hall 354

Bertrand Guillotin, IB Program Academic Director and IB Association Academic Advisor
Alter Hall 539

Department of Management
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Connecting with and selling to the world is vital for the growth of the U.S. economy. The global market potential of companies, such as Amazon, Chick-fil-A, Comcast, Hershey, Harley-Davidson, Lyft, Netflix, Vanguard, etc., remains mostly untapped. With 95% of the world population and customers residing outside the U.S., students who study International Business differentiate themselves within the global economy of the 21st century. The nationally recognized Fox IB program, which has been supported by Temple University since the 1970s and the U.S. Dept. of Education since 2000 (CIBER grant), offers two options: an IB Major with six job market/employer facing concentrations and an IB Minor.

Students who wish to pursue the IB Major select one of the six concentrations to align their interest with those of employers. These concentrations are as follows:

Students are required to be fluent in a foreign language or prove their fluency through testing. In addition, it is highly recommended, but not required, for them to study abroad.

Careers and Placements

  • International Economics: Manage or consult on projects in international organizations, government agencies, or non-governmental organizations.
  • International Entrepreneurship: Manage operations in a small international firm or launch your own born-global venture.
  • International Finance: Operate international aspects of the banking sector, including currency exchange or international payment methods for the bank's corporate clients involved in international business.
  • International Marketing: Conduct international market research, lead product development, manage global or local lines of products and decide which marketing policies must be adapted to local conditions.
  • International Sales and Business Development: Solicit new international clients while growing relationships with existing clients. Language proficiency, cultural sensitivity, and social negotiation skills are essential.
  • International Supply Chain Management, Transportation & Logistics: Take charge of delivering products from various points across the globe in a safe and efficient manner. This is a detail-and-customer-oriented career in a fast-paced, high-pressure work environment.

Entry-level positions: Import/Export Coordinator, Foreign Affairs Analyst, Immigration Specialist, Business Analyst, Language Specialist, Operations Specialist/Analyst, Digital Marketer, International Researcher, Marketing & Business Development Associate, Global Mobility Services Associate, Business Strategy Associate, International Sales Coordinator, Logistics Coordinator.

Post entry-level positions: Administrative Manager, Global Business Manager, Business Analyst, Business Consultant, Trade Settlement Analyst, Executive Director, Senior Accountant, Project Management Consultant, Client Relationship Specialist.

Minors and Certificates

International Business Minor

The International Business Administration (IB) minor is the perfect complement to any major. The IB minor has attracted students from six different Temple colleges to make diversity through interdisciplinary pedagogy a reality. Students who wish to pursue the IB minor can select the geographic region of their choice through any IB 2500-level course: Asia, Africa and the Middle East, Europe, or Latin America. Neither mastery of a foreign language nor study abroad are required for the IB minor.

Department of Management Minors

IB-related Certificates

Several interdisciplinary certificates are offered to enhance a student's international understanding and readiness for the global economy: 

Getting the Most Out of Your Major

Through specialized courses and experiences, students can focus on projects and the real world, not just textbooks. These courses include Global Entrepreneurship (IB 3596), International Internship (IB 3581/IB 3585) in Philadelphia, Rome or Tokyo, Short-term Study Abroad (IB 2509), and International Consulting (IB 4587). These courses uniquely prepare students to thrive anywhere, in either global Philadelphia or sunny Barcelona.

IB students often decide to immerse themselves in a foreign country and can spend a semester or more at the Temple University Rome campus or the Temple University Tokyo campus. Students can also go on exchange to any of our multiple partner locations: Paris or Lyon, France; Dublin, Ireland; London, UK; Oviedo, Spain; Seoul, South Korea; etc.

In addition to these international partners and campuses abroad, the Fox IB program is deeply connected to the local and regional ecosystem of international managers, companies, chambers of commerce, and government agencies. The student-led International Business Association (IBA) facilitates interactions with these local experts and hiring managers on a weekly basis. In addition, the IBA provides a social network to discover cultures, languages, and careers while also giving back through philanthropy.

Lastly, the top IB students are recognized each year (IB Laureates) by the Fox School of Business and Management leaders and some of them are invited to join the prestigious IB Honor Society (Beta Gamma Sigma), which includes Marillynn Hewson (former Chairman, President & CEO of Lockheed Martin), Alan Greenspan (former Chairman of the Federal Reserve), and Ann-Marie Campbell (Executive Vice President of U.S. stores and international operations, Home Depot).