International Business

Dr. Joan Allatta, Strategic Management (SGM) Department Chair

Dr. Bertrand Guillotin, IB Program Academic Director and IB Association Academic Advisor

The International Business (IB) program, also known as Fox IB, is part of the Strategic Management (SGM) department and combines decades of excellence in IB research and practice. Its renowned curriculum allows students to earn an IB major or an IB minor, offered across Temple University to eligible students who come from several Temple Schools/Colleges and enrich the classroom experience.

Fox IB is also connected with other departments for international events and study abroad opportunities (e.g, Temple Center for International Business Education and Research). Lastly, the Fox IB Program has been a founding member of the prestigious Consortium for IB Education (CUIBE) since 2003.

A major in International Business or a minor in International Business Administration is a great choice for students who:

  • Want to join the global economy where countries, global cities like Philadelphia, and industries are becoming more and more interconnected;
  • Want to develop and leverage a foreign language proficiency (not required for the IB Minor);
  • Want to differentiate themselves from their competition;
  • Will pursue international business opportunities (e.g., SCM, international procurement, international marketing, etc.);
  • Would like to pursue a professional career that may require frequent travel abroad;
  • Want to study abroad for a period of 10 days or longer while earning academic credits.

A major in International Business combines coursework in international business, geographical area studies, and foreign language. This educational experience is designed to equip students with the knowledge and global perspectives required to thrive in the global workforce of the twenty-first century.

The IB major prepares students to understand the various challenges businesses face when they operate in an international environment. As the world gets smaller, several markets (e.g., China and India) have become important players. The IB program emphasizes learning to do business in these markets and others through elective courses, such as IB 2504 Fundamentals of Business in Africa and the Middle East, IB 2503 Fundamentals of European Business, IB 2501 Fundamentals of Asian Business, IB 2502 Fundamentals of Latin American Business, and IB 3580 Special Topics in International Business.

A minor in International Business Administration is the best complement to any major since the global economy is forcing most companies to leverage the power of going across borders with their goods and services.

To further enrich a student's education, experience abroad is strongly encouraged, especially for IB major students. Students are provided opportunities to intern or study for 10 days, a summer, a semester, or a year in a multitude of countries where the university has established business programs, including Temple Rome and Temple Japan, and/or at partner institutions. See Temple CIBER Study Abroad for information.

The professional success of all IB students leverages a premiere Student Professional Organization (SPO) on campus, the International Business Association (IBA). For more information, please visit International Business Association or contact


The four-course minor in International Business Administration is designed to benefit students interested in embracing an increasingly international world without being required to be fully proficient in a foreign language.

Requirements for the minor must be completed prior to graduation. Courses cannot be used to meet minor requirements if already used to meet the requirements for a major or a different minor.


Several interdisciplinary certificates are offered to enhance a student's international understanding: Asian Business & Society and Spanish & Latin American Studies for Business.