Management Consulting Minor

Do you like solving tough organizational challenges and helping firms create maximum value for their customers and stakeholders? Does the thought of working with really smart, passionate people on an ever-changing set of business challenges excite you? If so, the Management Consulting minor may be the perfect complement to your major. This unique minor is designed to complement any Temple major, opening up a variety of new career opportunities, beyond those you might traditionally explore in your field.

All Management Consulting courses and the minor are designed to equip you with the hard and soft skills required of successful consultants, whether working for a big named firm like Grant Thornton, Deloitte, or PwC, a regional firm, a boutique firm, or as an internal consultant for a traditional company. The skills you will develop are also transferable to general management, entrepreneurial endeavors, non-profit organizations and public agencies. Courses are taught by practicing consultants, ensuring the skill sets you develop are current and relevant. To ensure the program is practical, courses are built on an experiential foundation, including live consulting projects, mentored classroom exercises, site visits, and live interaction with clients and their consultants. Each course includes opportunities to network with and learn from senior practitioners who come into the class as guest speakers, coaches, judges and lecturers. The program also includes many co-curricular opportunities, including case competitions, challenges, skills workshops, panel discussions, and community service-focused consulting activities.

Working together, the courses, extracurricular activities like the Temple Consulting Club (TCC), and partnerships with dozens of firms have been designed to equip you for success in the industry. If you are thinking about declaring the Management Consulting minor, consider enrolling in SGM 2525 Management Consulting: Principles and Practices. By the end of the course you will know whether or not consulting is the right career path for you. If it is, the minor awaits you. If not, you will have picked up a set of skills that you can use for the rest of your career.

John A. McClendon, Chair
Alter Hall 354

Anthony Seeton, Academic Director
Temple University Management Consulting Program (TUMCP)
Alter Hall 557

Department of Management
Alter Hall 333

  • Open to business and non-business students.
  • Designed to benefit students by giving them an option to study how they might apply the functional discipline of their respective major to the field of consulting, thereby expanding their employability beyond a single industry or function.
  • All students in the Fox School of Business and Management are required to take the prerequisite courses as part of their lower division Fox School foundation.
  • Four prerequisite courses are required for this minor:1
    MIS 2101Digital Systems3
    or MIS 2901 Honors Digital Systems
    ECON 1101Macroeconomic Principles3
    or ECON 1901 Honors Macroeconomic Principles
    or ECON 1102 Microeconomic Principles
    or ECON 1902 Honors Microeconomic Principles
    HRM 1101Leadership and Organizational Management3
    or HRM 1901 Honors Leadership and Organizational Management
    LGLS 1101Legal Environment of Business3
    or LGLS 1901 Honors Legal Environment of Business
  • Four courses are required for this minor:
    SGM 2525Management Consulting: Principles and Practices3
    SGM 3525The Consulting Engagement: Managing Projects and Change3
    Select one of the following Management Consulting electives:3
    Lean Startup: Fast and Inexpensive Ways to Test and Launch Your Ideas
    Special Topics - Strategic Management
    Select one of the following Experiential electives:3
    New Venture Internship: Learning to be a High-Value Employee, Manager, or Founder
    HR on the Ground 2
    Total Credit Hours12
  • All courses required for the minor must be taken at Temple University. Residency excludes the prerequisite courses.
  • A grade point average of 2.0 in the minor is required as well as a minimum grade of C- in each course, unless otherwise specified.
  • Courses cannot be used to meet minor requirements if already used to meet the requirements for a major or a different minor or certificate.
  • Courses for the minor must be completed prior to graduation; if completed, the minor will be recorded on the final transcript upon graduation.
  • To declare or rescind this minor, visit the Fox School of Business and Management.

Interested students should discuss with their home college advisors how the courses in the minor will fit into their overall degree plan and are strongly encouraged to declare the minor early in their academic career.