University Housing & Dining Services

University Housing & Residential Life

1910 Liacouras Walk
(P) 215-204-7184, option #2
(F) 215-204-3261

Residence halls at the Main campus, as well as one leased, off-campus housing option, provide an opportunity for students to extend their learning experiences beyond the classroom, library, and laboratory.

University Housing & Residential Life works to create group-living environments in which each student is encouraged to develop as an individual in an atmosphere that promotes emotional, social, and intellectual growth. In addition, University Housing & Residential Life is committed to creating community-living environments that value and promote an appreciation for diversity of cultures, lifestyles, and people.

Please check the Office of University Housing & Residential Life web site listed above for additional information on residential services available. The Office of University Housing & Residential Life web site also provides online resources to assist Temple University students in locating off-campus housing.

Dining Services

Temple University Dining Services offers a variety of meal plans and dining locations to accommodate every student's unique schedule and dining needs. So if variety is what you are looking for, we have it! From hot entrees, cold sandwiches, sushi, vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free and Kosher options, you can find whatever you're craving conveniently located throughout campus. Meals are provided during breakfast, lunch, dinner and "Fourth Meal" throughout the week.

Temple Dining Services Meal Plan Packages

Meal plans are offered to fit every lifestyle. With no restrictions on when you can use your meals, Premium meal plans provide students with the ultimate flexibility, allowing students to use their meal plan numerous times during any period. Premium meal plans offer a set number of meals per week, with many options from 5 meals per week to 25 meals per week. Other meal plans include:

  • J&H Unlimited Plan - Ideal for students who want to eat small meals throughout the day, or athletes requiring high caloric intake. It allows you to have unlimited meals at the Louis J. Esposito Dining Center (commonly referred to as "J&H") and once during each meal period at any other dining location.
  • Regular Meal Plans - Allow students to use their meal plan a limited number of times at the Louis J. Esposito Dining Center and Morgan Hall, as well as at retail dining locations that accept meal swipes.
  • Block Meal Plans - Can be used at any dining location, just like our other plans. They are purchased on a “per semester basis” with all of the perks of a premium plan.

To find more information about our meal plans, visit

Diamond Dollars are built into the price of each meal plan, which provides students with ultimate flexibility around campus. Diamond Dollars are just like having a bank account with Temple. Your OwlCard acts as a debit card at many locations on and around campus. Diamond Dollars are tax-free and able to be used at all Temple Dining Services locations.

Dining on the Ambler Campus

Temple Dining Services operates Café a la Carte, located in the Ambler Learning Center, where you can get beverages, salads, sandwiches, fresh fruit cups, yogurts, desserts, snacks, and much more!