Center for the Performing and Cinematic Arts (CFA)

CFA 1001. Art Scene: Inspired Connections. 3 Credit Hours.

Have you ever wondered how a piece of music is composed, a screenplay is written for a film, or how a work of art comes to be? This course will explore these very ideas, revealing how creative people make and perform in a variety of the rich arts disciplines that comprise the Center for the Arts, including architecture, art and design, dance, film, music, and theater. Each week of the semester will be devoted to a different area of the arts and will provide insight into the working process of that form of art, the nature of the creative challenges, and the type of training and practice required to be successful. The format of the class will vary to suit the weekly topic and will include interviews with student participation, lectures, discussions, live demonstrations, and performances. During the first meeting of each week a distinguished faculty member for the Center for the Arts will present a brief history and broad introduction to their discipline, followed by a dynamic experience during the second class meeting that brings to life the artistic process and particular details about how that artist brings their ideas and vision to life.

Repeatability: This course may not be repeated for additional credits.