Certificate in Native Perennial Garden Design

Exclusively offered at Temple's Ambler campus.

This credit certificate provides information that enriches the residential planting design experience. Certificate courses provide learning experiences with fundamentals of horticulture, herbaceous plants, and planting design. The skills necessary for a well designed and maintained residential perennial garden will be gained from learning plant identification, cultural conditions, and appropriate use of plants and planting design.

This certificate is available to all undergraduate degree students to complete as part of their studies, regardless of their majors. This certificate is available also to non-degree-seeking students. Consult an academic advisor about how the required classes fit into academic and career plans.

Credit certificates may be conferred upon a student by recommendation of the faculty and upon satisfactory completion of the required credits for the specific topic area with a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0 overall. 

At least half of the courses required for the certificate must be completed at Temple University.

Note: The symbol after the course title indicates that the class is offered ONLY in the semester indicated.
(F) = offered only in fall semester
(S) = offered only in spring semester
Required Courses
HORT 1001Fundamentals of Horticulture2
LARC 1142Design Communications3
HORT 2221Herbaceous Plants I (F)3
HORT 2222Herbaceous Plants II (S)3
HORT 2666Designing with Perennials (S) 13
Total Credit Hours14

This course has a prerequisite(s).