Social Work Minor

The Social Work Minor is a great complement to majors such as criminal justice, psychology, education, pharmacy, and other allied disciplines.

The Social Work Minor introduces students to the knowledge, values, and skills necessary to

  • comprehend the structures and functions of the field of social work;
  • develop a more informed position on social policy issues;
  • appreciate the economic, social, political, ethical and epistemological challenges that societies and their citizens face in responding to basic human needs;
  • grasp the critical importance of social capital to communities and the larger society;
  • become actively involved in helping to address social needs; and
  • broaden and further enhance their professional career paths.

The Social Work minor consists of nine courses (23 credit hours), all of which are offered at the Main campus. The courses explore the following social work knowledge domains: 

Professional and faculty advisors in the school or college in which the student is currently majoring are available to help students interested in adding a social work minor to their program of study. 


Courses must be taken in the following order:

SSWU 1002Communication in Social Work Practice3
SSWU 2003The History and Values of Social Welfare3
SSWU 2004Social Welfare in the United States3
SSWU 3005Helping Processes in Social Work I3
SSWU 3015Lab for Helping Processes in Social Work I1
SSWU 3006Helping Processes in Social Work II3
SSWU 3016Lab for Helping Processes in Social Work II1
SSWU 3007Human Behavior in the Social Environment3
SSWU 3096Institutional Racism3
or SSWU 3011 The Social Worker in the Group
Total Credit Hours23