Mathematics, Minor

The Minor in Mathematics is intended for students interested in the logical thinking, and problem solving skills that are gained in studying mathematics. This minor is ideal for students seeking to apply mathematical methods in other disciplines, particularly in the sciences, engineering, social sciences, computing, or business. 

Undergraduate Contact Information:

Dr. Irina Mitrea, Chair
Wachman Hall, Room 638

Dr. Boris Datskovsky, Associate Chair
Wachman Hall, Room 632

Dr. Maria E. Lorenz, Undergraduate Chair
Wachman Hall, Room 524

Minor Requirements

Three semesters of calculus
Select one of the following:4
Calculus I with Lab 1
Calculus I (F)
Honors Calculus I
MATH 1042Calculus II4
or MATH 1942 Honors Calculus II
MATH 2043Calculus III4
or MATH 2943 Honors Calculus III
Linear algebra
MATH 2101Linear Algebra3-4
or MATH 2103 Linear Algebra with Computer Lab
Additional mathematics courses
Select one of the following:12-16
Four additional mathematics courses numbered 3000 or above
MATH 2111 and three mathematics courses numbered 3000 or above
Total Credit Hours27-32

Students who choose MATH 1038 must also take the linked course MATH 1039.

(F) - Fall only course

Residency Requirements: At least 4 courses required for the minor must be completed at Temple. At least 4 Mathematics courses must be completed at Temple.