Computer Security & Digital Forensics, Certificate

This certificate is appropriate for CIS majors1 or experienced industry professionals2 who are interested in focusing in the security area. Students can add this to their existing CS, IS&T or CS/Math major. At least two of these courses CANNOT count towards the electives for the major. In other words, you need to have two distinct courses for the certificate that are not counting towards any major elective courses; one of the electives can count for both.


Matriculated students are primarily CIS majors due to prerequisites.


Non-matriculated students must have 2+ years of experience in the IT sector working in systems and network administration and/or security domains. Requires instructor permission.

Undergraduate Contact Information:

Dr. Slobodan Vucetic, Chair
Science Education and Research Center, Room 304

Dr. Gene Kwatny, Vice Chair
Science Education and Research Center, Room 304

Dr. Cindy Li, Undergraduate Faculty Advisor
Science Education and Research Center, Room 353

Certificate Requirements


Students desiring a Certificate in Computer Security & Digital Forensics must have already completed the following or have equivalent industry experience:

CIS 1068Program Design and Abstraction4
or CIS 1968 Honors Program Design and Abstraction
CIS 1166Mathematical Concepts in Computing I4
or CIS 1966 Honors Mathematical Concepts in Computing I
CIS 2229Architecture, Operating Systems and Networking4
or CIS 2107 Computer Systems and Low-Level Programming
CIS 2168Data Structures4
Total Credit Hours16

Required Courses

Students desiring a Certificate in Computer Security & Digital Forensics must complete the following courses:

CIS 3605Introduction to Digital Forensics3
CJ 1001Introduction to Criminal Justice3
or CJ 3007 Computer Crime
CIS 4378Computer and Network Security4
or CIS 3319 Wireless Networks and Security
Total Credit Hours10

Residency Requirements: At least 2 courses required for the certificate must be completed at Temple.