Computer Science, B.A./M.S.

The five-year Bachelor of Arts in Computer Science and Master of Science in Computer Science is a combined program within the College of Science and Technology. High achieving Computer Science majors with at least 5 semesters at Temple are qualified to apply to the Five Year Master's Program.  

  • Students may apply to the Five Year Program after completing a progress review in CST advising, meeting with the Faculty advisor, and registering for their sixth term. These must be completed before the Spring of their Junior year. They are admitted before their Senior year. In addition to having a GPA of 3.5 or higher, students must be able to complete at least 99 credits (including CIS 3207 and CIS 3223) before the start of their Senior year. Please note that many of our graduate CS electives expect a background in networking and math (e.g., Calculus III, Linear Algebra Statistics), so students should select their undergraduate courses appropriately.
  • During their Senior year, students take 24 credits, 9 credits of which are graduate. These 9 graduate credits count three ways: (a) as general undergraduate credit, (b) as upper level undergraduate CS elective credit, (c) as graduate credit.
  • After their Senior year, students receive their undergraduate degree, then are formally admitted to the graduate program (with 9 graduate credits already completed).
  • During their fifth year, students take an additional 21 graduate credits and graduate with a Master's degree.

Interested students should contact their advisor for details. For more information, see the following program pages: Computer Science B.A. and Computer Science M.S. and the CIS Department's Graduate Page.

Undergraduate Contact Information:

Dr. Slobodan Vucetic, Chair
Science Education and Research Center, Room 304

Dr. Gene Kwatny, Vice Chair
Science Education and Research Center, Room 304

Sally Kyvernitis, Faculty Advisor
Science Education and Research Center, Room 330

Graduate Contact Information:

Dr. Yuan Shi, Graduate Program Chair
Science Education and Research Center, Room 348