International Communication Concentration

The International Communication Concentration (ICC) provides a theoretical and practical education in international and intercultural communication and media.  This program allows students to develop sought-after competencies in cultural sensitivity and intercultural communication skills by encouraging students to reflect on their own cultural lenses.  Students participating in the ICC program will be exposed to multiple international perspectives through internationally- and interculturally-oriented courses offered on Temple’s domestic campuses and may be supplemented with study abroad coursework.

This program is restricted to SMC students only.

To earn the International Communication Concentration transcript notation, a student must successfully complete a total of 18-20 credits of International / Intercultural studies courses, a maximum 9 credits of which may come from courses transferred into Temple, across 3 areas:

Common Course
STRC 3801Intercultural Communication3
SMC International/Intercultural courses
Select three of the following:9
Creative Thinking for Advertising (Study Abroad sections only - London)
Advertising Internship (International Internship only, through Study Abroad: London, Barcelona, Hong Kong)
International Reporting
Travel Writing (Study Abroad sections only - London/Dublin)
Journalism and Globalization
Foreign Studies in Journalism (Study Abroad - London, Tokyo, Dublin, South Africa)
Internship (International Interships only, through Study Abroad: London, Barcelona, Hong Kong)
Media Studies & Production
Travel Writing (Study Abroad sections only - London/Dublin)
Media and Cultural Differences
Communication and Development
Information Society
Global Media
Foreign Studies in BTMM (Study Abroad - London/Dublin)
British Media and Telecommunication (Study Abroad - London)
Internship (Study Abroad sections only - London)
Strategic Communication
Global Communication and Leadership
Internship in Rhetoric and Public Advocacy (International Internships only, through Study Abroad: London, Barcelona, Hong Kong)
Internship in Public Relations (International Internship only, through Study Abroad: London, Barcelona, Hong Kong)
Internship in Organizational Leadership (International Internship only, through Study Abroad: London, Barcelona, Hong Kong)
Special Topics in Organizational Leadership
International/Intercultural Electives outside of SMC
Two sequential courses (e.g. 1001 and 1002) in any one foreign language or any two of the following:6-8
Art History
History of Art in Rome (Study Abroad - Rome)
Art Heritage of the Western World I
Art Heritage of the Western World II
Arts of Asia (Study Abroad - Japan)
European Crafts and Decorative Arts
Greek Mythology and Art
Roman Art and Archaeology
Greek and Roman Sculpture
Art and Archeology of Ancient Rome and the Mediterranean (Study Abroad - Rome)
High and Late Baroque Art in Rome (Study Abroad - Rome)
Southern Baroque Art: Italy and Spain
Northern Baroque Art
Galleries and Studios of Rome (Study Abroad - Rome)
Symbolism, Dada, and Surrealism
Japanese Art (Study Abroad - Japan)
Asian Studies
Premodern Asia
Modern Asia
Chinese and Japanese Literature in Cultural Context
Survey of Japanese Literature Before 1868
Tokyo in Literature and Film
Japanese Literature in Film
Geography of East and South Asia
Asian Diaspora
Japanese Popular Culture and its Literature
Visual Anthropology of Modern Japan
Japan in a Changing World
South Asia: Peoples, Culture, Experiences
Japanese Culture
The Anthropology of Modern China
Introduction to Asian Business
Monks, Masters, and Magicians: Religion in Premodern Chinese Literature
Environmental Problems in Asia
Ideology and Social Change in Japan
China: State and Society
History of Vietnam
Asian Women in Transition
Indian Philosophy: An Introduction
Modern Japan: Empire, War, Society
Film & Media Arts
International Cinema
Geography & Urban Studies
World Urban Patterns
Geography of World Affairs
Urban Systems in a Global Economy
African Development
East and South Asia
Russian Cities
International Urbanization
Metropolitan Tokyo
Introduction to East Asia: China
Introduction to East Asia: Japan
Introduction to Southeast Asia: Insular
Introduction to Southeast Asia: Mainland
Introduction to African History
Introduction to Latin America
Civilization and Modernity in the Caribbean
Modern Islamic History
Third World Issues through Film
Irish History
History of England
Russia: Nationality and Empire
Russia: Revolution, State, and Empire
Southern Africa: A History
The Chinese Revolution
Contemporary China
Modern India
Japan Today
Women and Society in Japan
History of Brazil
Contemporary Mexico
Hist Latin Amer to 1930
Israel: History, Politics and Society
Modern Middle East
Third World Women's Lives
Asian Women in Transition
Revolutionary Mexico
Jewish Studies
Jewish Secular Thought and Culture from Spinoza to Seinfeld: A History of Jewish Secularism
Secular Jewish Utopian Politics / Jewtopias: The Jewish Romance with Communism, Zionism, and America
Jewish Diaspora/Survey of Jewish History
Jewish Humor Past and Present
Israel in the Middle East
The Philosophies of Judaism
Israelis and Palestinians
Latin American Studies
Perspectives on Latin America
Latin American Social Struggles
Latin America through Film and Fiction
Democracy in Latin America
Politics of Development in Latin America
Peoples of Latin America
Peoples and Cultures of the Caribbean
Fundamentals of Latin American Business
Historical Continuity and Social Change in Latin America
Sociology of Music: Nation, Race, Class and Gender in Argentina and Brazil
"Other Voices" in Latin American Literature
Caribbean Literature and Culture
African Religions and New World Culture
African Culture in Brazil
Political Science
Foreign Governments and Politics
International Politics
Contemporary Politics of Europe
Eastern Europe, Russia and the West
Politics of International Law
Comparative Political Systems in Latin America
Politics of the Global Economy
International Organization
U.S. Foreign Policy
British Government and Politics
Mideast Politics
East Asia and the United States
International Environmental Policy
Politics of the European Union
Globalization: Politics and Political Economy
Religion and Human Sexuality East & West
Indian Philosophies and Religions
Introduction to Buddhism
Chinese Religions - Confucius to Mao
Introduction to Zen Buddhism
Foundations of Judaism
What Is Judaism?
Kabbalah and Mysticism
Introduction to Islam
Religion in Contemporary Africa
I-Ching, Tao, and Ch'an/Zen
Japanese Religions
Japanese Buddhism
Modern Trends in Judaism
The Islamic State
Women in Islam
Islamic Mysticism
Traditional Religions of Africa
Total Credit Hours18-20