Bachelor of Arts in Sociology: Health Track

Summary of Degree Requirements

University Requirements:

  • MATH 0701 (4 s.h.) and/or ENG 0701 (4 s.h.), if required by placement testing.
  • All Temple students must take a minimum of two writing-intensive courses as part of the major. SOC 3396 and SOC 4096 fulfill this requirement for this major.
  • Students must complete requirements of the General Education (GenEd) Program. See the General Education section of the Undergraduate Bulletin for more details.

College of Liberal Arts Requirements:

  • Completion of a minimum of 123 credits, including:
    • 90 credits in CLA/CST courses;
    • 45 credits of which must be at the upper level (numbered 2000-4999).
      • For Social Science majors, 6 upper level credits (numbered 2000-4999) must be taken in Humanities Subject Areas: Arabic, Chinese, English, French, German, Greek (Ancient), Greek and Roman Classics, Hebrew, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Latin, Philosophy, Religion, Russian, and Spanish in the College of Liberal Arts, Art History in the Tyler School of Art, or any department in the College of Science and Technology.
    • A minimum GPA of 2.0, cumulatively, in CLA/CST coursework, and in the major.
    • Only courses in which a student receives a grade of at least C- can satisfy GenEd, major, minor, or CLA Foreign Language and Global Studies requirements.
    • Professional Development Requirement
      • All students in the College of Liberal Arts are required to take a 1 credit seminar in professional development. CLA 1002 Professional Development for Liberal Arts Majors is the appropriate course option for this major. Other courses that fulfill this requirement may be found on the CLA College Requirements page. Only one course in this category may count towards graduation.
    • Foreign Language/Global Studies Requirements:
      • All students must complete or test out of the first and second levels of a foreign language - these courses are numbered 1001 and 1002;
      • All students must complete at least one course from the GenEd Global/World Society category; and
      • All Bachelor of Arts students must complete one of the following options:
        • Third semester of a foreign language;
        • Demonstrated proficiency beyond the third semester in a foreign language (placement exam or certification from the language department);
        • Take one Global Studies course from the list on the CLA College Requirements page;
        • Study Abroad at an approved program; or
        • Take a second General Education Global/World Society course.
      • Notes on Foreign Language Study
        • The third level of language is numbered 1003 in French, German, Spanish, and Portuguese and numbered 2001 in all other foreign language subjects.
        • Students are strongly encouraged to take the third level of a foreign language as it is the minimum required for election to the prestigious honor society Phi Beta Kappa. (Taking the course does not guarantee admission but not taking it guarantees exclusion.)
        • See the College of Liberal Arts Policies section of this Bulletin for more information on the Foreign Language Placement, Regression in Coursework, and guidelines for students' other experiences with language.

General Electives are typically one-third of a student's program of study and can be focused on a second major, a minor, or towards some other personal enrichment or professional goals. See an academic advisor for assistance in developing an academic plan for these courses.

Major Options: Health Track in Sociology (36 credits):

Required Courses
SOC 1176Introduction to Sociology3
SOC 3201Statistical Methods in Sociology 14
SOC 3261Research Design and Methods 14
SOC 3396Development of Sociological Thought3
SOC 4096Senior Seminar 23
Two Sociology electives at the 2000 level or higher (one must be selected from the Health-related list below)6
Three Sociology electives at the 3000 level or higher (two must be selected from the Health-related list below)9
Advanced Methods Course
SOC 4001Qualitative Research 34
or SOC 4002 Data Analysis
Health-related Courses
Health and Disease in American Society
Selected Topics in Medical Sociology
Sociology of the Self
Sociology of Aging
Sex & Society
Environmental Sociology: The End of the World as We Know It?
Global Health
Urban Health
Selected Topics in Medical Sociology
Sexuality and Gender
Health and Reproduction
Sociology of the Body
Population Studies
Independent Study in Medical Sociology
Total Credit Hours36

Students must take SOC 3201 prior to or concurrently with SOC 3261.


Indicates writing capstone for major.


Students must complete SOC 3201 and SOC 3261 before taking either of the advanced methods courses, SOC 4001 or SOC 4002.

Distinction in the Major

Sociology majors graduate with distinction in the major if they have a GPA of 3.5 or higher in the major and a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.25. 

Suggested Academic Plan

Bachelor of Arts in Sociology: Health Track

Requirements for New Students starting in the 2017-2018 Academic Year

Year 1
FallCredit Hours
ENG 0802, 0812, or 0902Analytical Reading and Writing [GW]4
GenEd Quantitative Literacy Course [GQ]4
Foreign Language 1001 - first level4
GenEd Breadth Course3
 Term Credit Hours15
IH 0851 or 0951Intellectual Heritage I: The Good Life [GY]3
Foreign Language 1002 - second level4
GenEd Breadth Course3
GenEd Breadth Course3
SOC 1176Introduction to Sociology3
 Term Credit Hours16
Year 2
IH 0852 or 0952Intellectual Heritage II: The Common Good [GZ]3
GenEd Breadth Course3
GenEd Breadth Course3
Sociology 2000+ Course3
Select one of the following:3
Foreign Language - third level
GenEd Global/World Society Course [GG]
Internationally Focused Course From Approved List
 Term Credit Hours15
GenEd Breadth Course3
GenEd Breadth Course3
SOC 3201Statistical Methods in Sociology4
CLA/CST 0800-4999 Elective2
CLA 1002Professional Development for Liberal Arts Majors1
CLA/CST 2000+ Course3
 Term Credit Hours16
Year 3
CLA/CST 2000+ Humanities/CST Course3
SOC 3396Development of Sociological Thought [WI]3
SOC 3261Research Design and Methods4
2000-Level Health-Related Sociology Course3
CLA/CST 0800-4999 Elective3
 Term Credit Hours16
CLA/CST 2000+ Humanities/CST Course3
CLA/CST 2000+ Elective3
3000-Level Health-Related Sociology Course3
CLA/CST 0800-4999 Elective3
CLA/CST 0800-4999 Elective3
 Term Credit Hours15
Year 4
3000-Level Health-Related Sociology Course3
CLA/CST 2000+ Elective3
CLA/CST 0800-4999 Elective3
CLA/CST 0800-4999 Elective3
Select one Advanced Methods course from:14
Qualitative Research 
Data Analysis 
 Term Credit Hours16
SOC 4096Senior Seminar [WI]3
Sociology 3000+ Course3
CLA/CST 0800-4999 Elective3
One 0800-4999 Elective in Any School or College3
One 0800-4999 Elective in Any School or College2
 Term Credit Hours14
 Total Credit Hours: 123

SOC 4001 is only offered in the spring and SOC 4002 only in the fall; plan to complete prior to taking SOC 4096. See advisor for course selection.


Please check prerequisites for all Sociology courses.