Global/World Society (GG)

Requirement: One 3-credit hour course.

GenEd Global/World Society courses explore societies and cultures outside of the United States. These courses take one of two approaches. Some concentrate on a single nation or region, examining in depth its political, social, historical, cultural, artistic, literary, geographic, and/or economic landscape. Others investigate globalization and its effects across nations and regions.

Global/World Society courses are intended to teach students how to:

  • Understand the influences (e.g. political, social, historical, cultural, artistic, literary, geographic, economic) on world societies or processes (e.g. globalization) linking world societies;
  • Access and analyze materials related to world societies and cultures;
  • Develop observations and conclusions about selected themes in world societies and cultures;
  • Construct interpretations using evidence and critical analysis; and
  • Communicate and defend interpretations.

Global/World Society Courses

Below, you will find a list of GenEd courses in this area.

Please be advised that GenEd offerings vary from semester to semester and that all GenEd courses will not be offered every semester. For the most current list of GenEd offerings, please consult the Class Schedule.

In addition, a single GenEd course may be offered by more than one department. GenEd courses offered by more than one department will have the same course number and the same course title. A student may not take the same course from multiple departments and earn credit toward graduation. However, if a student wishes to replace her/his grade in a GenEd course, s/he may replace the grade with any course bearing the same course number and the same course title regardless of department.

  • Advertising and Globalization
  • Border Crossings: Gendered Dimensions of Globalization
  • Confronting Empire: Voices of Resistance
  • Development and Globalization
  • Education for Liberation Here and Abroad
  • Evolution of Culture
  • Gender and World Societies
  • Global Cities
  • Global Slavery
  • Imaginary Cities
  • Jewish Diaspora in Latin America
  • Latin American Media
  • Latino Immigration
  • Law Beyond Borders
  • Philadelphia Dance Experience
  • Religion in the World
  • The Detective Novel
  • The Global Crisis: Power, Politics and the Making of Our Times
  • Turning Points in Human History: The Ancient World
  • Turning Points in Human History: The Modern World
  • War and Peace
  • World Affairs
  • World Performances
  • World Regions and Cultures: Diversity and Interconnections
  • World Society in Literature & Film
  • Honors Advertising and Globalization
  • Honors Fate, Hope, and Action: Globalization Today
  • Honors Imaginary Cities
  • Honors Religion in the World
  • Honors War and Peace
  • Honors Women in Modern Bengali Film
  • Honors World Affairs
  • Honors World Performances
  • Honors World Society in Literature & Film

Waiver: The Global/World Society requirement may be waived if:

  • a student successfully completes (with a C- or better) credit-bearing coursework worth at least three semester hours in an approved summer or semester study abroad program with a minimum stay abroad of 28 days.
  • a student provides a transcript with an international study abroad experience in which at least three semester hours of coursework transferred to Temple.

  • a student is a Foreign National student and whose permanent residence is outside of US boundaries.

Consult an academic advisor for details.