Bachelor of Science in Education in Early Childhood-Elementary Education (PreK-4): Special Education

The Early Childhood-Elementary Education (PreK-4) with Concentration in Special Education (K-8) program is designed to prepare teachers to work in programs serving diverse learners in a variety of settings in grades pre-kindergarten through four. In addition to certification in early childhood-elementary education, students in this concentration will learn to implement evidence-based instructional practices in classrooms with students of diverse abilities. Furthermore, students will apply their skills in a variety of field experiences including a practicum for diverse learners focused on addressing the needs of special education students and English language learners. (Note: Students must declare the special education concentration (a.k.a. dual certification) prior to the sixth semester as it appears in the eight-semester matrix.)

Summary of Requirements

University Requirements

  • All new students are required to complete the university's General Education (GenEd) curriculum (except where a waiver is noted).
  • All students must take a minimum of two writing-intensive (WI) courses at Temple University.

College Requirements

  • Students must be accepted into the certification program prior to taking methods courses; for further details, see "Candidacy" under College Requirements.
  • Additional University and College requirements are located on the College of Education's Academic Policies and Regulations page in this Bulletin.

Suggested Academic Plan

B.S.ED. in Early Childhood-Elementary Education (PreK-4): Optional Concentration in Special Education

Requirements for New Students starting in the 2016-2017 Academic Year

(Certain courses require that a student secure clearances as per the College of Education policy; students should check the current list of courses that require clearances found on the College of Education Blackboard Undergraduate Community.)

Year 1
FallCredit Hours
ENG 0802, 0812, or 0902Analytical Reading and Writing [GW]14
GenEd Breadth Course3
GenEd Breadth Course3
GenEd Breadth Course3
MATH 1015Introduction to Numbers Figures1,24
 Term Credit Hours17
IH 0851 or 0951Mosaic: Humanities Seminar I [GY]13
GenEd Breadth Course3
GenEd Breadth Course3-4
GenEd Breadth Course3
EDUC 2103Socio-cultural Foundations of Education in the United States13
 Term Credit Hours15
Year 2
IH 0852 or 0952Mosaic: Humanities Seminar II [GZ]3
Select one of the following:1,24
College Algebra 
Algebra and Algebraic Thinking for Educators 
ECED 2101Child Development, Birth to Nine1,33
SPED 2128Assistive Technology and Universal Design for Learning3
SPED 2231Introduction to Inclusive Education1,33
 Term Credit Hours16
ECED 2105Cognition and Learning in the Classroom13
ECED 2106Language and Literacy Development in Early Childhood: Birth through Kindergarten13
ECED 2108Engaging Children in the Learning Process through Classroom Management13
ECED 2187Practicum for Pre-K and Kindergarten13
ECED 4101Integrating the Arts into Early Childhood Education3
 Term Credit Hours15
Year 3
ECED 3106Literacy Foundations for the Primary Grades: First Grade through Fourth Grade3
ECED 3107Learning Mathematics for the Primary Grades: First through Fourth Grade23
ECED 3108Social Studies for the Early Years, Pre K-43
ECED 3109Science for the Early Years3
ECED 3187Practicum for the Primary Grades3
 Term Credit Hours15
ECED 3205Assessment in Early Childhood Education3
ECED 3209Teaching English Language Learners in the Early Grades33
ECED 3296Differentiated Reading Instruction in the Early Grades [WI]3
SPED 3201Effective Instructional Strategies for Young Students with Mild to Significant Disabilities3
SPED 3287Practicum for Diverse Learners3
 Term Credit Hours15
Year 4
ECED 4102Children's Literature: Pre-K through Fourth Grade3
SPED 4103Classroom Management and Positive Behavior Support3
ECED 4106The Learning Community: Family and Community Relationships3
SPED 4105Assessment in Early Childhood Special Education3
SPED 4196Literacy Instruction for Young Children with Disabilities [WI]3
 Term Credit Hours15
ECED 4588Student Teaching in Early Childhood Education9
ECED 4801Senior Seminar and Performance Assessment in Early Childhood Education3
 Term Credit Hours12
 Total Credit Hours: 120

Course must be successfully completed to be eligible for Candidacy approval.


These three courses constitute the waiver for the GenEd Quantitative Literacy category when the GPA requirement is met.


These three courses constitute the waiver for the GenEd Human Behavior category when the GPA requirement is met.