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SCTC 1389. Step 1 and 2: Inquiry-Based Lesson Design in Science and Mathematics Modified for English Learners. 2 Credit Hours.

This course is typically offered in Fall and Spring.

This is the first course in the TUteach pedagogy sequence. This course will provide students with an opportunity to explore teaching in science or mathematics as a career; early field experiences in teaching; and an introduction to the theory and practice necessary to prepare and deliver excellent instruction. Students will attend 3 hours of class on campus each week, where they will learn to prepare and deliver excellent inquiry-based science/mathematics lessons. Each team of students will have a district classroom teacher and a TUteach master teacher who will work with them to improve their teaching skills as the semester progresses. The district classroom teacher will remain in the classroom at all times and provide immediate feedback on the quality of the instruction. Students will become familiar with elementary and middle school environments as well as the instructional needs of English language learners (ELLs) by observing and discussing middle school culture and by teaching lessons to a middle school class that includes ELLs. They will become familiar with exemplary science curricula for the middle school setting. This course also offers students an introduction to theory, research, and practice in teaching English language learners in the middle grades. Lesson plans will be designed using a modified SIOP (Sheltered Instruction Observation Protocol) model, a model teachers use to differentiate instruction for ELLs. As a result, they will gain an understanding of how to adapt standards-based lessons for English language learners. Students will also develop cross-cultural competence through interactions with ELLs, teachers and school staff in the middle grades. As a result of the SCTC 1389 experiences, students generally are able to make a decision as to whether they want to pursue a pathway to teacher certification through the TUteach program. Students will be required to obtain all clearances and background checks needed to work in schools—please see the TUteach advisor or coordinator for details immediately upon registering.

Repeatability: This course may not be repeated for additional credits.

MATH 1021|Minimum Grade of C|May not be taken concurrently
OR MATH 1022 to 4999| Required Courses:1|Minimum Grade of C-|May be taken concurrently
OR MC5 Y|May not be taken concurrently
OR MC6 Y|May not be taken concurrently
OR MA03 Y|May not be taken concurrently
OR MC6A Y|May not be taken concurrently
OR STAT 1001|Minimum Grade of C|May not be taken concurrently
OR STAT 1102|Minimum Grade of C|May not be taken concurrently
OR STAT 1902|Minimum Grade of C|May not be taken concurrently.