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PHIL 2196. Perspectives on Science and Mathematics. 3 Credit Hours.

"Perspectives on Science and Mathematics" is a 3-credit upper-division Philosophy course designed to meet the unique needs of future K-12 teachers of science and mathematics. It is one of the specially-designed content courses in the TUteach Program. It is designed to be taken in the fall of the third year of this program, and also satisfies Writing Intensive and Liberal Arts course requirements. This course is an upper-level introductory course on the Nature of Science (NOS). It uses the history of science, philosophy of science, sociology of science, gender and race theory and ethics of science to look at science and mathematics from a variety of perspectives. Detailed case studies include the Copernican Revolution, the Darwinian Revolution, the history of genetics and eugenics, contemporary controversies in genetic technology and controversies in mathematics (pure, applied and ethnomathematics). A central theme of the course is that science and mathematics have been advanced by the struggles of diverse people, on the basis of often-conflicting criteria and interests. "Textbook science" is the result of multiple developments, contestations, and eventually general acceptance. While science produces and relies on empirical evidence, it has a creative component that is influenced by historical, cultural, ideological and psychological factors.

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Repeatability: This course may not be repeated for additional credits.

Minor in Philosophy

...ethics-related course is often substituted. 2 PHIL 2196 does NOT count as an elective...

Bachelor of Arts in Art, Digital Media Concentration

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