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MAESĀ 4189. Project-Based Instruction. 3 Credit Hours.

"Project-Based Instruction" (PBI) is the capstone course in the sequence of required education courses and is required before TUteach students take Education 4688: "Student Teaching in Secondary Education." PBI is the course in which the major themes of the TUteach program - integrated content of mathematics and science learning, infusion of technology in representation, analysis, modeling, assessment and contextualization of the content, field-based experiences, and equity - converge into an exciting and intellectually challenging culminating experience. When students complete PBI, they are fully prepared for Student Teaching. Whereas in "Classroom Interactions," students gain experience designing a sequence of several lessons that they teach to a high school class, in PBI, students design full units of connected lessons - a skill that is required in Student Teaching. PBI also provides students with the experience of managing lessons and students outside a classroom, in a field setting. Despite its name, PBI emphasizes choosing from a variety of appropriate teaching styles, depending on the type of material and the learning objective, with project-based instruction being just one possible alternative. In addition, PBI requires students to incorporate various technologies into the units they plan.

Student Attribute Restrictions: Must be enrolled in one of the following Student Attributes: TUteach.

Repeatability: This course may be repeated for additional credit.

(MAES 2189|Minimum Grade of C-|May not be taken concurrently
AND PRAX 100999|May not be taken concurrently)

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