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MAESĀ 2189. Classroom Interactions. 3 Credit Hours.

This course continues the process of preparing students to teach mathematics and science in upper elementary and secondary settings. The specific objectives of this course are to: 1) demonstrate to students how learning theories (from the "Knowing and Learning" course) manifest themselves in instructional settings (usually classrooms), allow students to design and implement instructional activities from their own understanding of knowing and learning mathematics and science, and evaluate the outcomes of those activities based on evidence from student artifacts, and 2) provide students with frameworks for thinking about equity issues in the classroom and larger school setting and their effects on learning and provide students with strategies for teaching diverse students equitably. The culminating activities of the course are the opportunities for students to teach in a high school and to learn whether they enjoy and are good at it. While in "Knowing and Learning" students study the meaning behind understanding a particular content area from an individual perspective, in "Classroom Interactions" the perspective shifts to studying how classroom events might promote or discourage learning mathematics and science and student equity. A major component of the "Classroom Interactions" course is the opportunity for students to reflect on and evaluate their own work as teachers.

Repeatability: This course may be repeated for additional credit.

(EDUC 2179|Minimum Grade of C-|May be taken concurrently)
AND (SCTC 1289|Minimum Grade of C-|May not be taken concurrently
OR SCTC 1389|Minimum Grade of C-|May not be taken concurrently)

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