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LGLSĀ 1101. Legal Environment of Business. 3 Credit Hours.

The legal system affects each of us on a daily basis. Educated citizens, no matter what career path they may choose, should be aware of the ways in which the law impacts their lives in a personal and business setting. This course will introduce students to the essential aspects of law with an emphasis on the legal environment of business. Students will learn the basics of contract, tort, property, and administrative law as well as international law. The law involving business would include a discussion of the types of legal entities, as well as employer and employee relations. The political, social and economic forces that affect change are also discussed thereby providing guidance as to the future direction of the law in both the United States and around the world. NOTE: This course is required for all Fox School freshmen admitted fall 2008 or later and transfers admitted fall 2010 or later.

Field of Study Restrictions: Must be enrolled in one of the following Fields of study: Accounting, Actuarial Science, Business Management, Business Basics, Economics, Entrprnrship & Innovation Mgt, Entrepreneurship, Finance, Financial Planning, General Business Studies, Horticulture, Human Resource Management, International Business, Law & Business, Legal Studies, Management Information Systems, Marketing, Pre Business, Real Estate, Risk Management and Insurance, Supply Chain Management, Statistical Sci + Data Analyt, Tourism and Hospitality Mgmt, Undeclared-Business & Mngt, Undeclared-University Studies.

Repeatability: This course may not be repeated for additional credits.

Legal Studies Minor

...are required to take the prerequisite course LGLS 1101 , which is a lower division Fox...