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EDUCĀ 4388. TUteach Apprentice Teaching. 6 Credit Hours.

The purpose of Apprentice Teaching is to offer TUteach students a culminating experience that provides them with the tools needed for their first teaching jobs. Apprentice teachers maintain their role as teacher for the equivalent of two six-week grading periods. Apprentice Teaching students are required to teach two sections of a science, math, or computer science class in a public middle or high school. They remain on the school campus a minimum of four hours per day. Students are evaluated throughout Apprentice Teaching, including two evaluations (formative and summative) on the PA Department of Education (PDE) 430 Form. To pass this assessment, students must receive a satisfactory rating in each of the 4 categories resulting in a minimum total of at least 4 points on the final summative rating. Apprentice Teaching reinforces and augments teaching strategies that students have developed through their coursework and field experiences. The program also attempts to fill in any gaps in students' professional development. In particular, Apprentice Teaching focuses on classroom management and time management strategies, parent/teacher communication strategies, school culture and school dynamics that make up an effective middle school and high school system, legal and logistical issues in teaching, the final portfolio, and state certification requirements. TUteach apprentice teachers explore professional development opportunities beyond the classroom, including attending conferences, subscribing to education journals, joining professional organizations, and conducting presentations in educational settings. The goal of Apprentice Teaching is to provide the experiences, information, and coaching that will enable students to be successful teachers who are leaders in their schools and communities.

Student Attribute Restrictions: Must be enrolled in one of the following Student Attributes: TUteach.
Cohort Restrictions: Must be enrolled in one of the following Cohorts: EDCNDCY.

Co-requisites: EDUC 4802.

Repeatability: This course may be repeated for additional credit.