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EDUCĀ 2109. Adolescent Development for Educators. 3 Credit Hours.

This course is designed to present information that would help prospective and practicing educators understand the minds and behaviors of middle and high school students. Emerging abilities in adolescents present both wonderful opportunities and challenges for teachers and parents. To understand how to connect with, manage and instruct adolescents, educators need to understand how adolescents think, what motivates them, and what they are capable of understanding. This course should prepare educators to correctly anticipate the likely consequences of their actions directed toward adolescents. NOTE: Background clearances required.

Student Attribute Restrictions: Must be enrolled in one of the following Student Attributes: Clearance for Education.

Repeatability: This course may not be repeated for additional credits.

General Education

The General Education (GenEd) Program serves as Temple University's liberal education requirements for all undergraduate students and provides a foundation for learning and development practices that help students succeed academically and professionally.

Human Behavior (GB) of the following multi-course sequences: EDUC 2109 , SPED 2231 , and ENES 3338 . All...

Bachelor of Fine Arts with Art Education Concentration

The B.F.A. with the Art Education Concentration prepares students for the PA certification in teaching art, kindergarten through twelfth grade. Students must complete B.F.A. requirements along with a three-year sequence in Education and Art Education that begins in the sophomore year. Five years are necessary to fulfill all requirements. Students who take summer session courses may complete the degree in 4.5 years.