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BIOLĀ 4376. General Biochemistry II. 3 Credit Hours.

This course is typically offered in Fall.

Emphasis on the biochemical reactions in various metabolic pathways. Biosynthesis and degradation of carbohydrates, lipids, proteins and amino acids. Regulation and integration of metabolic pathways. Bioenergetics and oxidative phosphorylation. Signal transduction. Transcription, translation and their control.

Repeatability: This course may not be repeated for additional credits.

CHEM 4401|Minimum Grade of C-|May not be taken concurrently
OR BIOL 4375|Minimum Grade of C-|May not be taken concurrently.

Pharmacy, 3+N Program

...student has not previously earned credit for BIOL 4376 . 2. Chemistry majors may count the...

Chemistry, B.S.

...advanced courses ( CHEM 4002 or higher or BIOL 4376 ) of at least 3 credits must...